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As a free wellness program at Pocono Medical Center, PMC Healthy Living aims to motivate and inspire people to make positive changes in order to lead their healthiest, happiest life. As a member, people throughout the Poconos are provided with life-changing health information and access to medical services available through leading experts, fun and informational activities.
At PMC we offer a wide variety of Healthy Living programs, including:
  • Educational talks by health care providers Community wellness events 
  • Free health screenings 
  • Membership events and activities that are geared at improving your lifestyle and having fun 
  • Monthly emails about what’s going on in the community and information on current health topics. 

The Healthy Living Program is an important part of PMC’s vision to build a healthier community. To register to be part of the PMC’s Pocono Healthy Living Program click on the button below.

In addition we have partnered with local businesses that share a goal in helping to support a healthy community. These business rewards partners provide discounts to Pocono Healthy Living Members and often host wellness events or support our program in other ways. Sign-up today to make your business part of a healthier community. Click on the button below.

Pocono Medical Center's Biggest Winner Program

Dr. Musa Tangoren invites you to be part of this healthy living challenge and join others in your community on a journey towards a healthier you!

The Biggest Winner Challenge features:

  • Motivational and Educational talks by our PMC Physicians and Dietitians
  • Tips and tricks on how to stick to your weight loss goals
  • Recipe and nutrition ideas for losing the weight and not the flavor
  • iPad for the winner of the challenge and special prizes for our top 5 finalists

This 6 month challenge will help you make positive lifestyle changes leading to A HEALTHIER YOU!

Meeting and Weigh-In Schedule for THE BIGGEST WINNER Program:

Bi-monthly meetings:

Weigh-ins and talks the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at ESU’s Abeloff Auditorium

The Abeloff Auditorium is labeled as building 3 on this map (click to access PDF). 

This schedule will remain the same throughout the year. 

Biggest Winner Challenge

2015 Biggest Winner Lectures and Recipes

Jan 27 Biggest_Winner_2015_1-27.pdf
Jan 27 Biggest_Winner_2015_Launch_presentation.pdf
Jan 27 Biggest_Winner_handout_by_Dr_Tangoren.pdf
Jan 27 Low_cal_food_swaps_recipe_reduction.pdf
Jan 27 Spring_Cleaning_1-27.pdf
Jan 27 Winter_Meal_Plan_Biggest_Winner.pdf
Feb 10 Biggest_Winner_PPT_#2_High_Volume_Foods.pdf
Feb 10 HealthyRecipes2.pdf
Feb 24 Biggest_Winner_2015_2-24.pdf
Mar 10 Biggest_Winner_3-10-2015.pdf
Mar 10 Recipe_guide_3-10.pdf
Mar 10 SMART_Goal_Setting_for_031015.pdf
Mar 10 Whole_grains_3-10.pdf
Mar 24 StressMngmntHandout_3-24.pdf

Previous Biggest Winner Challenge Resources

2014 Biggest Winner Lectures and Recipes

April 22 Biggest Winner Introductory Presentation.pdf
April 22 Biggest Winner handout by Dr Tangoren- Tip and Tricks.pdf
April 30 Biggest winner lecture-Big Spring Clean.pdf
May 13 Biggest Winner Lecture-How to Eat More and Weigh Less.pdf
May 13 Biggest Winner Recipe Packet-Maggie-May 13th.pdf
June 24 Biggest_Winner_lecture-Fad_Diets-6-24.pdf
July 8 Biggest Winner progress report - July 8th.pdf
July 8 Biggest winner-Chris Kross-July 8th.pdf
July 8 BiggestWinnerMealPlan (PDF)
July 22 Emotional Eating (PDF)
Aug 12 Biggest Winner - progress report 8-12.pdf
Aug 12
BiggestWinnerRestaurants lecture 8-12.pdf
Aug 12
SMART Goal Setting - Peggy.pdf

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