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Luck Has Nothing to do With It

Pictured: The Conahan Family

Pictured: The Conahan Family 

We are convinced that, in life, it’s not what you tell your kids, it’s what you show them. Luckily, we have children and grandchildren who saw our message. I think they realize that as a family we’ve been very lucky and that there are some who have not been as lucky.  

My wife and I have been involved in the hospital for decades and we feel it’s incumbent upon us to give our time, energy and money to this cause.  We’ve felt privileged from the beginning to live in Monroe, and as a physician, it was apparent that this center was the next move towards a healthier community.  

The Hughes Cancer Center is a tremendous asset to the county and a huge comfort as well. My children were born at PMC, they’ve had surgery at PMC, and I think the mindset of quality care, close to home is really the crux of it all.

Jason Lovell's Lifesaving Catch  

A Routine Hospital Visit Found & Fixed an 18-Year-Old's Deadly Heart Defect, Thanks to PMC

Pictured: Jason, at right, and his father 

In November 2009, Jason Lovell was brought to the Pocono Medical Center Emergency Room by his step-mother. Jason had suffered a work injury a few days prior that resulted in relentless shoulder pain. During the routine evaluation process, the nurse discovered Jason’s oxygen levels were low. After testing several machines, the nurse tested the oxygen level of Jason’s step-mother. Her levels were normal, indicating that the machine was accurate and Jason needed further testing. After additional testing the staff in the ER conferred that Jason had a rare, congenital heart defect. If left untreated, Jason would only live to be 30 years. At the time of diagnosis, Jason was 18 years old. 

“Pocono Medical Center saved my life,” explains Jason. 

After his heart surgery, Jason is literally breathing easier and his eye-sight has improved. The doctors attribute this to the fact that his body is finally receiving the proper amount of oxygen. Jason Lovell is just one of the many lives saved by Pocono Medical Center. 

We are proud to share our success stories and to provide world-class healthcare, close to home.

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