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Luci Gave Billboard

Luci's favorite color is purple, which is how she decorated her latest piggy bank. Her first one was donated to the Dale & Frances Hughes Cancer Center, clinking her entire life's savings in its tiny belly. "When I was born, Mommy gave me my piggy bank. I'm 6 now and I saved all the money I got from my birthday and from Daddy and Nanna since I was a baby." Her first piggy traveled from her bedroom to the cancer center, where Luci began her philanthropic career. Luci's great-grandfather was treated at the Dale & Frances Hughes Cancer Center, and her grandmother works at the main lab of the Pocono Medical Center (PMC). "The people I gave my piggy bank to were happy and they said thank you a lot," said Luci, holding up the famous piglet. With her new plum piggy, Luci is already eight dollars rich, a gift from her Nanna. Luci plans to donate more money for the center when she fills it up again.  

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