Patients & Visitors

Welcome to Pocono Medical Center (PMC) as your place of healthcare. 

We are continually ready to address your healthcare needs, concerns and questions as the sole community hospital in Monroe County.

When you think of compassion, professionalism, comfort and exceptional knowledge, we want you to think of Pocono Medical Center. Here, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest, most reliable and well-respected healthcare in Monroe County. Our goal, always, is to make your stay with us the best possible experience we can give.

While you are in our care, we will provide an environment of collaboration and multi-faceted treatment, not only to aid in your recovery but to also treat the “whole” person. We are committed to the vision of a healthier community and seeing a patient through illness, delivery, trauma or chronic illness is just a portion of our dedication.  Our pledge as a healthcare provider is to present a continuum of care, consulting and aiding a patient well after his or her original visit. 

If, during your stay, you feel you are not receiving outstanding care, please immediately contact the manager on the unit where your room is located. We are committed to keeping our promise of compassion, respect and expertise for all of our patients. 

Thank you for your confidence in PMC.

Click image to view PDF of the PMC Patient Guide

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