Say Hello to Tru-D SmartUVC and Goodbye to Germs!

 Pocono Medical Center (PMC) recently added a powerful new weapon to its arsenal in the fight against Healthcare-associated infections (HAI)s. Used in conjunction with PMC’s rigorous decontamination regimen, Tru-D robots use ultraviolet light to disinfect operating suites and isolation rooms from top to bottom, reaching all areas of the space after every use. 

As one of the only healthcare facilities in the Poconos to use this advanced technology, Tru-D Smart UVC ensures additional protection against bacterial infections such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff.); Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA); Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE); and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), as well as the multi-resistant yeast known as Candida auris (C. auris), a sometimes deadly fungus found in healthcare facilities worldwide. 

Tru-D operates remotely and adjusts itself according to the size and contents of each room it cleans to deliver the correct dose of ultraviolet light energy for complete disinfection, even in hard-to-reach areas. Incredibly, the ultraviolet light dosage has been proven to modify the DNA structure of bacteria to eliminate the risk of infections. A study by Duke University Hospital found that using a standard chemical cleaning of rooms along with ultraviolent light eliminated the transmission of four major superbugs by 30% among a specific group of patients. 

Tru-D technology is part of PMC’s continuing efforts to provide the highest standard of excellence in quality for patients. PMC received the 2016 Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award as well as an “A” Grade for Patient Safety by the Leapfrog Group for our continuing commitment to patient safety. Going forward, PMC will continue to investigate more options like Tru-D to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our patients as healthy as possible while under our care. 

Tru-D SmartUVC:

Protects Patients

  • Tru-D works to the destroy germs and bacteria that cause harmful HAIs. 
  • Using safe, effective, measured UV light and cleaning rooms from top to bottom, germs have nowhere to hide in PMC’s Operating Suites and Isolation Rooms.
  • Used with conventional disinfection methods, Tru-D is the ideal tool to promote the highest standard in safety for our patients and staff. 

Really Works

  • Recent studies show Tru-D SmartUVC significantly reduces the presence of multidrug-resistant bacteria like C. Diff, MRSA, VRE, and CRE, as well as the fungus C. auris, in hard to reach and shadowed surfaces.
  • Tru-D operates from a single location and disinfection cycle to combat and conquer these germs. 
  • Is Safe and Effective 
  • Tru-D bulbs are just as safe as any fluorescent light bulb and pose no danger to patients, staff, or family members. 

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