Self-Hypnosis Recordings

These are self-hypnosis recordings which should be played while relaxing. Do not play these recordings while driving an automobile or operating machinery. Individuals should not be using cigarettes/cigars or burning candles while using these recordings.
Loosen any restrictive clothing and allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and should not be used in place of medical attention. 

Instructions for listening to recordings:

Find a quiet place to relax. Allow the recordings to take you on peaceful journey.
Listen daily as your mind and body work together to aid in treating your condition.

When you click on one of the links below, you will be asked for self-identification and information about your age, education, gender and contact information.
We use this information internally to improve our service. Your information and email address will remain confidential and will not be shared.

The healing recording will come up in its own window and we ask that you bookmark the page, or copy the URL so that you can return to the recording daily.

Smoking Cessation - Hypnosis is approved by the American Medical Association and is one of the safest and most effective ways to quit smoking permanently. Many experience little or no withdrawals or weight gain.

Manage Pain and Anxiety - If you are under a doctor's care and have chronic pain and or stress this recording can help. Did you know that your mind is capable of producing powerful anesthesia? Use this as a tool to manage your stress and discomfort to improve your quality of life. One side effect, you may sleep better too!

Healing - Allow your mind to take you on a relaxing journey with this recording. Use to aid in general healing.

Pre-Surgery - Use this recording leading up to any surgery. The suggestions are to help your mind and body to work together to heal more easily and quickly.

Post-Surgery - Use this recording after any surgery. The suggestions are to help your mind and body to work together to heal more easily and quickly.

Cancer Patients - Listen to this recording as an aid while undergoing treatment. The suggestions are designed to help you receive the most benefit from treatment while experience minimal side effects.

Removing Fears - Stress and anxiety can contribute to many disease processes, including high blood pressure, stroke and cancer. Hypnosis can help to change your perception of the things that cause stress and your reaction to them.

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