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Welcome to the Monroe County Community Safety Program

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Our mission is to reduce preventable traffic injuries and deaths by providing community members with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Contact: Pocono Medical Center Community Health and Outreach Department

Educational Topics and Programs

All educational programs are offered to our community free of charge (The exception is the Child Seat Technician Certification course, which has a fee.). Presentations for schools, churches, civic organizations, family agencies, businesses and other audiences can be arranged on the following topics.

If you would like to learn more about our services and programs, discuss your group's specific needs or schedule a service, please contact as at 570-426-2966.

Distracted Driving
Texting, talking on cell phones, eating/drinking while driving and other distractions are a growing factor in traffic accidents. This interactive session teaches teens through adults to keep their eyes on the road, hand on the wheel and mind on the task while driving. Activities include the Children’s Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital distracted driving/DIU simulator, which enables users to virtually operate a vehicle while distracted or impaired. In addition to “crashes”, the simulator experience also incorporates post-accident events such as the arrival of police and rescue personnel, as well as a court-room appearance in front of a judge.

Child Seat Loaner Program
Developed to assist parents who otherwise cannot afford a car seat, the program provides eligible parents with a car seat that meets their child’s needs, as well as usage instructions for that specific seat. Funding is provided by grants and special events, and eligibility is based on financial need. Please call for details.

Safety Town
This interactive educational experience for elementary students focuses on injury protection. Participants are guided through a child-sized village as they learn safety techniques in a variety of every-day situations, such as traveling in a car or school bus, riding a bicycle, and as pedestrians crossing the street or approaching a railroad. Safety Town can be set up in our gym or auditorium.

Special Events
Looking to add safety education to your next event such as a community health fair or employment wellness expo? We can staff a booth, provide educational materials and demonstrations, share instructional videos and answer questions from your attendees.

Speaker's Bureau
Emergency, trauma and pediatric medicine physicians from Pocono Medical Center and Children’s Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital deliver education presentations on a variety of topics. Also available are speakers who have been personally touched by distracted or impaired driving. These emotional and impactful presentations are delivered by community members who have lost loved ones as well as those who have caused accidents by driving while distracted or impaired.

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