Patient Story: Lung Cancer

Watch David Tipka talk about lung cancer – discovery, treatment, and hope.

LDCT Lung Cancer Screenings at PMC

Is LDCT screening for you?
Annual screening with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) is recommended for high-risk individuals after discussion with their physicians. If you are age 55 or older and have smoked for 30 years or if you are 50 or over and smoked for 20 years and have other lung cancer risk factors (see below), LDCT screening can save your life. Talk to your physician about it or call 570-422-1731

What is LDCT?
Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung screening is quick, painless and results in a minimal amount of radiation exposure, similar to that of a mammogram. This exam does not require intravenous contrast and takes approximately 15 minutes. LDCT screening can lower the risk of death from lung cancer by 20 percent in people who are at high risk. Screenings are able to detect most lung cancer in the early stages prior to people presenting with symptoms, which is when treatment is most successful. Screening may not detect all cancers in the early stages and some screenings may detect findings not related to lung cancer.

How do I get an LDCT screening?
LDCT screening for lung cancer is covered by most insurances. Please contact your insurance to inquire if co-payments or deductibles apply.

Eligible patients must be referred by a physician. If you do not currently have a primary care physician, please call 1-866-402-LVHN.

  • Age 55 to 77 years old
  • Current smoker or quit less than 15 years ago
  • Smoked at least a pack of cigarettes day for 30-plus years*
*The pack year is a unit for measuring the amount a person has smoked over a long period of time. To calculate pack years: (Packs smoked per day) × (Years as a smoker) = Number of pack years  
Please discuss your risk and eligibility with your physician:
    • Cancer history
    • Family history of lung cancer
    • Chronic lung disease history
    • Radon exposure
    • Carcinogen exposure
    • Smoking history
    • Secondhand smoke exposure does not meet the criteria for LDCT screening
Screening Results
  • LDCT screening participants will be notified of their results by the Thoracic Nurse Navigator. 
  • If a suspicious nodule is identified on a LDCT screening, the Thoracic Nurse Navigator will collaborate with your primary care physician. 
  • If needed, referrals can be provided to pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons for further diagnostic testing. 
Thoracic Nurse Navigator
When referred to Pocono Medical Center LDCT screening program a Thoracic Nurse Navigator will contact you to provide guidance throughout the screening process. 

If you have any questions speak with your medical provider or call for more information regarding screenings: 570-422-1731

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