Community Outreach Requests

Service to our Community

At Pocono Medical Center (PMC), we recognize that health and wellness are a partnership and that is why we are working every day to build a healthier community. As part of our mission to provide world-class care, we also offer a variety of classes, support groups, and events focused on education, preventive care, and wellness. Community outreach is an integral part of our mission, vision, and values and to that end, we can assist people who organize their own health fairs and other events. We consider our participation in these events as an important extension in our quest to build a healthier community.

Our community health and outreach team are prepared to help you, your church, school, business, or other local organization connect with a variety of PMC resources. Examples of PMC community outreach include:

  • Providing health screenings and risk assessments for things like blood pressure, breast cancer, among others.
  • Staffing health-related education and information tables
  • Providing health information and fun giveaways
  • Arranging a speaker on a health-related topic

If you are interested in having PMC participate in your upcoming event, please kindly complete the form below. A minimum of 60 days notification for all requests is preferred. There are additional criteria on the form. Upon receiving the form, we will evaluate your request and respond to you within 10 business days. We look forward to working with you as we continue to build a healthier community.

Click on the button below to submit your request:

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