Returning to work:
Returning to work is individualized based upon the nature of employment (desk job vs. manual labor) the severity of your disease as well as your activity tolerance. Within a few weeks your physician will be better able to evaluate your progress and set a specific date for returning to work. It may be necessary to be out of work for at least eight to 12 weeks.

When to Notify Your Surgeon

  • If you have any chest pain or shortness of breath unrelieved by rest, notify your physician or go to the emergency room.
  • If your temperature is greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a day.
  • If the skin around your stitches is red, swollen or has pus coming from the incision.
  • If your pain is unrelieved by your pain medicine
  • If your weight increases by three to five pounds from the day you were discharged.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your surgery or medicines.
  • Increased fatigue, shortness of breath or palpitations.

Seek Care Immediately If

  • Your bandage becomes soaked with blood.
  • Your stitches or staples come apart.
  • One side of your body gets weak or numb, you have difficulty seeing and/or have difficulty speaking.
  • You have signs of a heart attack:

    • Chest pain that spreads to your arms, jaw, or back
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Sweating
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Call 911. Do not drive yourself to the hospital
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