Cardiac Rehabilitation
Your physician may want you to join a cardiac rehabilitation program. The major goals of the cardiac rehabilitation program are to optimally assist patients to recover from their disease and to reduce the risk of future cardiac events.

This is achieved by:

  • Educating patients and their families about heart disease. Informed individuals can make better decisions about their health
  • Providing monitored and supervised exercise to improve heart efficiency, fitness and feelings of well-being.
  • Periodically testing patients to assess their risk of future problems and providing information for their physicians.
  • Helping to reduce risk factors associated with the increased likelihood of future coronary events.
  • Providing dietary evaluation and counseling to lower cholesterol and fats and to optimize nutritional requirements for patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is provided in three phases:
Phase I – Inpatient
Education about behavior modification, disease process, medications and activity results in a more compliant and informed patient. Low-level exercise is designed to prevent unnecessary loss for fitness, strength, lung function and flexibility to enhance recovery.

Phase II – Monitored
This phase consist of up to 36 sessions or monitored exercise training. Patients exercise three times weekly according to a program designed specifically to them. Heart rates, rhythms and blood pressures are monitored during the exercise.

  • Education classes for patients and their families to inform them or cardiovascular disease and risk factor modification are provided during the program.
  • This program requires a physician order. An RN and exercise physiologist is present to monitor and adjust the exercise per the patient’s needs.
  • Many insurance carriers cover the cost of this phase of the program in full or in part.

Phase III – Supervised

  • Supervised exercise is provided two times weekly. A staff member is present during the exercise class. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored and recorded pre and post exercise.
  • Phase III is a self-pay, optional maintenance program.
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