Cardiac Cath Lab technology

The cardiac catheterization lab sets Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono apart from the competition, not only because we are the only facility to offer diagnostic catheterizations in Monroe County but also because our technology is on the cutting edge of cardiovascular treatment nationwide.

The cath lab features the full GE cardiac cath suite of products, which includes:

  • The X-ray system
  • Patient monitoring
  • An Information Management System (IMS) that enables digital archiving of images.
  • A Data Management System (DMS) that ties in to Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono’s high-tech, Internet-based Physician Portal that enables physicians to see real-time charts, patient information and reports. This feature also expedites physician reporting by creating summaries and reports of the procedure results automatically.

Many other vendors do not offer the full suite of products needed in the cath lab, so we are at an advantage using GE because it guarantees complete compatibility among all equipment.

The Innova 3100 is the imaging system being used in the cath lab. The imaging panel gives physicians a 12-inch by 12-inch view of the heart and chest area. The digital flat panel that displays images improves both the area that can be viewed and the clarity of the image itself.

Improved image clarity is important for cardiac catheterizations because it allows physicians to distinguish between a blockage and normal heart anatomy much quicker and with more certainty.

Clearer images result in patients being on the table for shorter periods of time, reducing the dose of radiation to which they are exposed. In addition to more efficient use of the time patients must be exposed, the new technology captures more information while emitting 30 to 40 percent less radiation than the current average heart catheterization.

Our expert staff and leading-edge technology position Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono’s cath lab as a model for the future of heart healthcare. Better visibility in images and less exposure to radiation make Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono an easy choice for patients who need heart catheterization.

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