Hand Hygiene Campaign

Hand washing can prevent the spread of germs. All patients, visitors, nurses and doctors are expected to wash their hands before and after every patient contact. Hand washing with alcohol foam or soap and water can prevent the spread of contagious organisms.

Pocono Medical Center has a Hand Hygiene Committee that is working diligently to educate all staff, employees, patients and visitors about the importance of hand hygiene.

We would like for everyone to wash their hands before and after every patient contact, that even includes visitors. Alcohol foam dispensers are available throughout the hospital and outside of every patient room.

To ensure compliance, the following activities are underway:

  1. Staff Hand Hygiene education annually and on-going as appropriate
  2. Hand Hygiene posters in the elevators, on the LCD TV's and patients' floor signage
  3. PMC Intranet link into the CDC Hand Hygiene Interactive video: www.cdc.gov/handhygiene
  4. Distribution to Patients and Visitors: 2009 JCAHO National Patient Goal - public format and "An Ounce of Prevention" - Seven Keys to a Safer Healthier Home: CDC
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