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Healthy Pregnancy Handbook | Winter 2010

Prenatal visits—the trips you make to the doctor before your baby is born—are a key part of taking care of yourself and your child. Your first visit is likely to take a bit longer and include more tests to detect potential health problems. A typical visit may include screening tests to check:

  • Your weight, blood pressure, or urine for sugar and protein
  • Your baby’s position, growth, and heart rate

Based on your health history and results from screening tests, your doctor may advise youto have certain diagnostic tests. These tests can help confirm if you or your baby has a health problem.




  • Uses sound waves to create an image of your baby’s internal organs
  • Aids in verifying your due date and the baby’s age and sex
  • Helps monitor your baby’s development
Anytime, as
advised by your doctor
Amniocentesis (Amnio)
  • Uses a long, thin needle to get a small sample of fluid from the sac protecting your baby in the womb
  • Helps detect chromosomal disorders, such as Down syndrome, and neural tube defects, such as spina bifida
  • Usually offered to women who will be 35 or older at delivery or had abnormal results on certain screening tests
between week 15
and 20, if advised by your doctor
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
  • Uses a catheter and syringe to retrieve a tissue sample from the placenta
  • Helps detect chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic problems
  • Usually offered to women with an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalities or who have a family history
    of certain genetic defects
between weeks 10 and 12, if advised by your doctor

Preregister for Your Stay

You should preregister 2 months before your estimated due date. Simply call 570-476-3312 or visit our Central Registration Department, located on the hospital’s first floor. Use the main hospital entrance, located near the Starbucks inside PMC.

Help from PMC

We offer a host of support services to ensure the safest, healthiest pregnancy possible for you and your baby, including:

  • Three conveniently located PMC Physician Associates: OB/GYN practices
  • Comprehensive Pregnancy & Diabetes Program
  • On-site lactation consultants
  • Hospital-grade breast pumps for patient use
  • On-site, certified child-seat safety inspector to help ensure a safe arrival home
  • Prepared and Refresher Childbirth education classes
  • Breast-Feeding classes

Learn more about our classes and view the To Your Health calendar at
For information about our Pregnancy & Diabetes Program, call 570-476-3395.

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