Your first appointment will be a consultation with your radiation oncologist, who will review your medical history and test results and perform a physical examination. Additional medical tests may be needed to gather more information for planning your course of treatment. The treatment team will also take time at this appointment to explain the treatment process. You will learn about possible side effects from the treatment and the best way to manage them. An oncology nurse will be available to discuss health concerns with you and your family before, during and after treatment.

Remember at this time to tell us if:

  • You are pregnant. It would be unwise for you to become pregnant during the course of your treatment.
  • You are using a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator or other electronic equipment.

Take time to write down information during this appointment so that you can refer back to it later. Use your personal treatment journal to help you keep track of your appointments, notes, symptoms and side effects, lab-test results and any medications you are taking. Bring your journal with you to each doctor visit. It will help you stay organized, and the information you record will be useful for your treatment team.

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