Donor designated funds

Your generosity can be applied to one of three funds:

Unrestricted Funds
Unrestricted (Flexible) giving is one of the most precious resources available to the Pocono Medical Center. An unrestricted gift will be directed by PMC's Board of Directors to the area of most immediate need, such as new programs to better serve our growing community, recruiting the best caregivers, buying essential new medical equipment, adding new buildings, or providing care for patients who are unable to pay for treatment.

Restricted Funds 
Temporarily Restricted Funds remain restricted until the resource is necessary to fund that particular program or project.

Permanently Restricted Funds
Permanently Restricted Funds are those in which the principal is permanently maintained and the earnings are available to support the program.

Pledge - For those wishing to make a significant gift, we offer the flexibility of sending us your donations over a period of time, according to your needs. This is a popular option for gifts to the "Blueprint for the Future Campaign."

Real Estate and Personal Property Gifts - Both real estate and personal property can be accepted as gifts. A second home, vacation home or piece of undeveloped real estate make significant gifts, as do personal property such as artwork or jewelry.

Securities Gift - You may make an outright gift with your stocks, bonds, and/or mutual fund shares that have appreciated. This is an especially attractive option, as you enjoy significant tax savings by donating securities that you have held for at least one year.

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