Billing Information

Your Hospital Bill
As a routine practice when appropriate, the hospital attempts to collect all known patient expenses when the patient registers. Our initial request for payment will include deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance amounts, or deposit amounts for services. However, all charges may not be known or available at the time of admission or discharge, and it is possible that charges may be added to your bill after discharge. Therefore, calculated coinsurance amounts are based on estimated charges. Any overpayment will be promptly refunded.

Processing your Bill
If you have current insurance coverage, our hospital billing department will bill your insurance company shortly after you are discharged. When a claim is sent to your insurance company an informational data mailer will be sent to you. Please note that this mailer is NOT a bill. Your insurance company should pay your hospital bill within 60 days. The hospital may request your help in contacting your insurance company if payment is delayed. There may be times when your insurance company needs additional information from you. One such piece of information is a COB or Coordination of Benefits letter, which they use to determine primary coverage. Please respond as quickly as possible so payment is not delayed. 

You will receive further communication from the hospital if the insurance company has not paid your claim, or if a balance is due from you.

For more information, please visit our hospital website at, where you can also make online bill payments on your Pocono Medical Center accounts. 

The online bill payment system is a secure site in which you can make full or partial payments by checking account, debit card, or credit card. Please note that to use this system you will need to have the patient account “Bill Number” from your hospital bill or statement.
Go to online bill payment here.

Physician Billing
Professional services provided to you by a physician while you are in the hospital will be billed separately and apart from the fees charged by the hospital. If you receive a bill from a physician and have questions, please call the telephone number listed on that bill.

In addition to your personal physician, other doctors who may bill you separately might include:

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy   888-259-9869
 Monroe Pathology 570-476-6211
Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley, P.C. (MILV)
 North American Partners in Anesthesia 888-240-1793
 Emergency Care Services of Pennsylvania PC 888-952-6772
(Emergency Room Physicians)
 Pocono Healthcare Management 570-420-4951                   
PHM bills for the following groups:

1) Pocono OB/GYN

2) Pocono Kids Pediatrics

3) Pocono Kids Dental Care

4) Occupational Medicine

5) Mountain Family Care Center

6) Pocono Hematology & Oncology

7) Pocono General Surgery

8) Pocono Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

9) Pocono Orthopedics

10) IC 1 – Immediate Care Center 1 – East Stroudsburg*

11) IC 2 – Immediate Care Center 2 – Bartonsville*

12) IC 3 – Immediate Care Center 3 – Tobyhanna*

13) PMC Bartonsville Healthcare Center*

14) PMC West End Healthcare Center*

* Radiology and Laboratory Services billed by Pocono Medical Center                    

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