Pastoral Care

A cancer diagnosis immediately changes your life, creating a challenge and series of questions perhaps never before faced by you and your family:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • How will this change our lives?
  • How will I find strength to cope with my treatments?
  • Who can I talk to in confidence about what I am feeling?

In addition to the community of caring fostered by the compassionate staff at the Hughes Cancer Center, the Pocono Medical Center also offers pastoral care 24 hours a day. A group of interfaith volunteer chaplains offers spiritual support to patients and families as they face what will surely be one of the most difficult periods.

Working with the patient’s own clergy, the Pastoral Care staff can bring appropriate literature, sacraments, and rites of faith to patients at the Cancer Center.

For more information or assistance, contact Rev. Dr. Sherrie Sneed, Director, Pastoral Care, Pocono Medical Center, at 570-476-3329 or e-mail her at

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