Multidisciplinary Care

You will appreciate the convenience of receiving all of your services under one roof at the Hughes Cancer Center, but the advantages to our multidisciplinary approach go much deeper. Studies show that patients who receive their cancer screening, prevention, treatment and palliative care services in a setting of multidisciplinary care tend to live longer and have a better quality of life. Our model of care is based on multidisciplinary centers, where every patient benefits from a team of experts who are focused on his or her individual care.

What is a multidisciplinary center and how does it benefit me?

A cancer multidisciplinary center, or MDC, is an organizational unit of doctors from different specialties who collaborate to focus on caring for patients with a specific type of cancer.

When you visit the Hughes Cancer Center, you will meet with your nurse navigator and team of doctors in one visit. 

Your team will be made up of doctors who specialize in your type of cancer and typically includes:

  • Surgeons who can order diagnostic tests, perform a biopsy to see if your tumor is malignant and operate to remove cancer if necessary
  • Medical oncologists who can administer chemotherapy or immunotherapy to kill cancer cells
  • Radiation oncologists who can pinpoint places where your cancer is growing and use precisely focused X-rays to reduce or destroy it

Together, these cancer specialists, in consultation with your primary care doctor, will work with you to create the most appropriate and effective plan of treatment for your cancer.

Hematology and Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology

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