Our Professional Staff

    • Administration

      • Oncology Manager
        Francine Constable, BS, RT(T), CMD
    • Medical Physicists
      • Geoffrey Dieck, MS, DABR
      • Louis Nardella, MS

    • Medical Dosimetrist/Radiation Therapist
      The dosimetrist has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist. The dosimetrist designs a treatment plan by means of a computer to deliver a prescribed radiation dose. When designing a plan, the dosimetrist takes into consideration the dose-limiting normal structures, such as the lens of the eye, the spinal cord, or the heart.
    • Radiation Therapists
      The radiation therapist is an integral part of the cancer treatment team. The therapist administers and records targeted doses of prescribed radiation. The radiation therapists are compassionate professionals educated in physics, radiation safety, human anatomy and patient care.
    • Oncology Nurses
      Delivering compassionate care to patients and their families is the primary focus of the nurses at the Hughes Cancer Center. 

      We strive to provide excellent nursing care to:
      • Maximize health,
      • Enhance quality of life,
      • Relieve suffering, and
      • Provide education and support to patients and their families
      Promote an environment that respects diversity, enhances quality of life and preserves human dignity. Our oncology nurses collaborate with other professionals involved in patient care, including doctors, nurse practitioners, dietitians and social workers. 
    • Nurse Navigators
      The Hughes Cancer Center is pleased to provide oncology nurse navigation services.  Our nurse navigators are specially trained to help patients and their loved ones “navigate” the healthcare system to ensure they receive excellent care close to home. 
    • Clinical Trial Data Manager
      The Clinical Trial Data Manager has the responsibility of oversight of numerous clinical research trials. These trials include therapeutic, retrospective, chart review and database studies. Our clinical affiliation with Thomas Jefferson Health Network allows us to offer to our community a research environment that is second to none. Our current Clinical Research Trials are listed online
    • Social Workers
      Licensed social workers are available to patients, family members and significant others who are facing the impact of a diagnosis of cancer. Social workers are available to provide counseling, facilitate a patient's adjustment to illness, develop linkage with community resources, coordinate discharge planning services and advocate for the needs of the patient.

      Social services are available throughout the continuum of care to promote the development of coping strategies, to maximize functioning and to assess, along with members of the healthcare team, the best utilization of resources within the healthcare system for each patient and family.

      The Social Service Department also provides referrals to hospice care. Hospice care provides support for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients with terminal illnesses and supportive care for their family.
    • Patient Service Representatives
      Patient Service Representatives provide our patients with excellent customer support. This group of trained individuals works with the patients to schedule a variety of complex appointments over the duration of their treatment. Additionally, they check patients in for treatments, offer support, and provide information concerning financial clearance. Dedicated to patient satisfaction, our Patient Service Representatives strive for excellence to meet the needs of our diverse patient population.
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