Can Cardiac Rehabilitation Help?

Take this brief, True/False test, then look below to find the answers.

  1. After a heart attack or heart surgery, most individuals cannot return to their previous jobs.
  2. Most heart patients must abandon their favorite recreational and leisure-time activities after having had a heart attack or surgery.
  3. Heart disease usually prevents patients from resuming normal sexual relations with their partners.
  4. The trauma of a heart attack and/or surgery leaves most patients permanently depressed, fearful and anxious.
  5. Patients enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation programs are less likely to die from subsequent heart attacks than other cardiac patients.

The answers to questions 1 through 4 are FALSE!  Actually, the great majority of heart patients resume a healthy, normal lifestyle (with their physicians’ approval) and learn to deal with their disease without lasting psychological problems.

Question 5 is TRUE!  Research demonstrates an increased survival rate for physically trained cardiac patients who have subsequent heart attacks.

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