Monitored Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Program
This program consists of up to 36 sessions of monitored exercise training. Patients exercise three times per week, according to a program designed specifically for each individual. Exercise is done in circuit format utilizing equipment such as a stationary bicycle, treadmill, rowing machine, arm ergometer, Stairmaster and free weights. Heart rates, rhythms and blood pressures are monitored during the exercise sessions. Emergency equipment is readily available if necessary.

Sessions are structured so that patients exercise in groups. The camaraderie that develops within the group is just as therapeutic as the exercise.

Education for patients and their families to inform them of current concepts of cardiovascular disease and rehabilitation is also included in this program. Discussion of topics such as the anatomy and physiology of the heart, the role of exercise, stress management, nutrition, risk factors, emergency intervention and cardiac medications are presented. Audiovisual materials on exercise and rehabilitation are also available. Staff members are present to lead each discussion and answer questions.

Many insurance carriers cover the cost of this phase of the program in full or in part.

Supervised Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Program
This program is a supervised exercise and training program. Exercise is done two times per week, according to an exercise prescription based on a stress test or by RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). All activities are supervised with heart rates and blood pressures, which are recorded prior to and during exercise. Emergency resuscitation equipment and medications are readily available if necessary.

This is a self-pay maintenance program for cardiac patients.

For more information about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono, please call (570) 476-3606 or (570) 476-3332

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